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aviation medicine
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Aviation Medicine

Dr Rosendorff and Partners has registered senior designated aviation medical examiners (DAME) that offer the full spectrum of medical services to the aviation industry, including full medical examinations and testing for the following:

- General health and urine analysis
- Blood pressure
- Cardiovascular system (including ECG)
- Respiratory system (lung function testing)
- Vision, including colour vision and depth perception
- Hearing (audiogram)

These are all completed on the on-line EMPIC SA-CAA platform as required by the aviation regulations.

AVOP medical assessments for ground staff are also offered by the practice.

Different types of pilots require different medical certificates. The following are the medical certifications you will need for the various classes:

- Class I for Commercial and Airline Pilots or instrument rated pilots - Class II for Student and Private pilots (aeroplane and helicopter) - Class III for air traffic controllers (ATC) and assistants, RPL (drone pilots) - Class IV for Glider, cabin attendants, light sport aircraft, microlight or Balloon Pilots

Medical validity has general guidelines according to SA-CAA which are: Class I 12 months if under 40 years for single crew purposes Class II 5 years if under the age of 40, 24 months between 40-50 years age and 12 months if over 50 years Class III for 4 years under the age of 40, 24 months between 40-50 years of age and 12 months once over 50 years age Class IV 60 months if under and 36 months if over 40 years All Initial examinations require a Chest X-ray. Bookings are essential as the assessments takes about 60-90 minutes to complete

Dr Rosendorff and Partners also have a satellite office for aviation related medicals at the airport. The office operates 3 times a week, however bookings have to be made through the main office.

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