Medical examinations performed in South Africa for Visa Applicants are only acceptable if performed by a practitioner that has been approved as a member of the panel by the Government of the destination country.

Dr Rosendorff and Partners are approved panel doctors for Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

They have been approved by these governments to perform medical examinations as part of the Visa Application process.

Australia: Online Submissions on the eMedical System. All applicants have been issued with HAP ID number which need to be supplied to the practice.

New Zealand: New Zealand: Online upfront e-medical submissions are performed at our facility since the end of 2014.

Canada: All assessments are electronic with the eMedical System. Either medicals can be arranged upfront without IME number or pre-processed with the immigration generated IME number.

South Africa: Visa applicant medical assessments for work, student or residence purposes are performed.

Assistance is provided with other country visa medical tests and forms (Saudi Arabia, China among others)