Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make a booking?
It is essential to make a booking for your medical assessment so that we can accommodate your needs best. Each assessment requires allocated time to perform and complete. The appropriate tests will be performed and relevant forms and documents supplied to you once completed. We will gladly try and assist any walk–in client however we cannot guarantee same day service based on our personnel availability and bookings schedule.
Do medical aids cover these assessment?
Dr Rosendorff and Partners are not contracted to any medical aid service. All assessments need to paid by the client. Medical Aid companies generally do not cover fitness for work or visa assessments. Discuss this with your specific company for any claim benefits that could apply.
How can I pay for my medical tests?
Dr Rosendorff and Partners accept cash, debit and credit card payments only. Unfortunately no cheque, Diners Club and American Express payments are accepted.
How long will it take to complete the testing?
Each medical assessment is completed at the practice and varies per assessment. Usually allocate about 60 minutes for the examinations and for any other testing allow another 60 minutes. All tests can be performed at the office and you will be directed.
What do I need to bring along?
Please bring any form of valid photograph identity (passport, ID card or book, Discharge book or drivers licence)
A colour photograph is required for certain medical forms
A list of medication that you currently are using
Any medical information and reports that is relevant to your current or previous medical conditions
Spectacles and contact lenses if they are required and used daily
What happens with the results after the pilot or aviation medical examination?
The designated aviation medical examiner (DAME) forwards all the medical information to the Institute of Aviation Medicine (IAM) and Civil Aviation Authority South Africa (CAA-SA), for reviewing by their medical consultants. Once reviewed, the medical is endorsed as acceptable, or not endorsed if unacceptable for any reason. All difficult cases are referred to the Aviation medical panel (consisting of aviation medical officers and specialists) for discussion. The decisions taken by the panel are relayed to the medical department of the CAA, and medical certificates (DD50) are issued for all cases discussed at panel. These are sent to the medical department at the CAA, and certificates are sent out to the relevant aviators and medical examiners. This panel usually convenes every 3-4 weeks to discuss the submitted cases. Confidentiality is maintained at all levels of these proceedings. Aviators wishing to appeal against decisions taken by the panel may apply to the Commissioner for Civil Aviation, and must also send the appeal notice to the Institute for Aviation Medicine. The Commissioner designates a panel of specialists to advise him on the adjudication of the appeal. This process may take up to 4 months to complete.
What are the visual requirements for aviation medical assessments?
The visual examination has minimum requirements for different parameters examined depending on the class of medical applied for. You are allowed to fly with either spectacles or contact lenses. Surgical correction of refractive abnormalities is allowed but a three to six month waiting period is required before the applicant can be re-certified. The choice of the method of correction of visual abnormalities lies with the aviator and his ophthalmologist and optometrist.
How long are visa medical examinations valid for?
Medical Examinations are valid for 6-12 months from the date of the examination depending on the type of visa application. You must undergo a new medical examination if your visa has not been issued within the required time from your medical examination date.
If I am pregnant, will I still have to undergo the visa medical examination?
The medical examination can still be completed on the appointment day. For the safety of the fetus, X-rays are not taken of pregnant applicants until after delivery of the baby. After the birth, the mother and infant will undergo the necessary medical testing.
If I am menstruating, what should I do about my medical appointment?
Certain testing might be affected by the timing of the menstrual cycle. The rest of the medical tests can be completed on the date of the appointment however the practitioner will have to arrange follow-up testing if any abnormal results are found.